With the international deregulation of the energy markets and the increasing drive for energy efficiency, there is a vast demand for smart and intelligent meters for electricity, gas and water that can be accessed remotely. In-depth application knowledge, proven track records in for instance e-meters and enclosures, and interactive partnership along the entire value chain have resulted in XANTAR® and XANTAR® C grades being fully approved in major smart meter replacement projects, for instance in several important European venues. The focus to proactively create additional value for our customers is underpinned by the Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Enhancement Award presented to Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics.

Both existing grades as well as newly developed stabilized grades meeting enhanced requirements have been introduced, ranging from transparent FR XANTAR® grades (UL94 V-0 @ 2mm), high flow XANTAR® C grades combining mechanical integrity and excellent surface appearance to high HDT (145°C) glass reinforced grades. In line with our sustainability focus, all materials use eco-friendly flame retardant technologies.
Already today smart e-meters are replacing conventional e-meters across European venues, enabled by our dedicated tailored XANTAR® range:

  • High-flow FR-PC/ABS grades such as XANTAR C CF 107, XANTAR C 407, and XANTAR C MC 3433, meeting also stringent EDF weathering requirements as used for the French market
  • 10%-GF FR PC grades meeting high HDT requirements (145°C) for Spain and the UK, such as XANTAR G2F 23 R, which also exhibits a unique thin wall 5VB @ 2.2mm rating, enabling its use for additional safety metering equipment requirements (IEC 60950-1)!
  • Transparent V-0 grades for various wall thicknesses, ranging from 3.0mm to 2.0mm, such as the XANTAR F series and XANTAR RX 2124
  • Even thinner designs are possible using best-in-class innovative eco-friendly FR PC demonstrating an all colour V-0 at 0.75mm performance: XANTAR RX 2125
  • Specifically developed glow wire grades, such as XANTAR 2120 and XANTAR 2123
  • Where mechanical robustness and stress crack resistance is further challenged, we have specially developed impact modified PC grades in place, such as XANTAR MX 1002 and XANTAR MX 1004
  • Where the requirements are most stringent, whether involving high impact at low temperature, superior stress crack resistance, or additional 5VB flammability requirements, the XANTAR XRM series will meet these requirements

Our metering solutions are not limited to PC alone. Our multi-product portfolio offers excellent synergetic effects, for instance with our NOVADURAN® PBT and Iupital® POM families, offering an extensive range of dedicated materials for not only electricity meters, but also for gas and water meters.