For those demanding applications, where conventional grades may not meet all requirements, we have developed a new family of impact modified flame retardant PC, which is completely based on an innovative additive technology:
This naturally bright white grade can be colored easily and exhibits a unique combination of properties, exceeding those of conventional PC and PC/ABS grades:

  • No plasticizing effect, high ultimate temperature use, equal to PC
  • Excellent low temperature impact, down to e.g. -40ºC
  • Outstanding dimensional stability, excellent creep behavior
  • UL94 V-1, V-0 and 5V flammability ratings, offering security to applications
  • Excellent electrical performance, e.g. CTI PLC 2, HWI and HAI both PLC 0 !
  • Excellent environmental stress cracking resistance, outperforming even the most robust PC/ABS grades
  • Offering long term reliability, with second to none UV-, weatherability, hydrolytically and thermooxidative stability, outperforming even the most robust PC/ABS
  • Easy processing, no juicing or outgassing

XANTAR® XRM is completely free of chlorine, bromine, phosphorous and antimony, enhancing the green image of its applications, and is available in both reinforced and non-reinforced grades.

XANTAR® XRM is the only choice if you require high impact, secured low and high temperature performance, chemical resistance, stability and reliability.


XANTAR® XRM is the optimum choice for most demanding applications, such as high-end enclosures and security devices, photovoltaic & solar industry components and housings, as well as power distribution applications.

XANTAR® XRM is currently available in unreinforced and reinforced versions:

  • XANTAR XRM 1006: unreinforced, V-1 @ 1.5mm, V-0 @ 2.5mm, 5VB @ 2.0mm, 5VA @ 3.0mm
  • XANTAR XRM 5010: 9% glass fiber reinforced, V-1 @ 1.5mm, V-0 @ 3.0mm

XANTAR XRM is the optimum choice for most demanding applications, such as photovoltaic and solar industry components and housings