Thanks to their excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical properties, XANTAR®, XANTAR® C and XANTAR® E grades are very widely and successfully used in industry segments such as Electrical & Electronics (E&E), Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Automotive, and General Industries.

XANTAR®, XANTAR® C and XANTAR® E grades have intrinsic good and constant electrical properties thanks to low water absorption and the use of high purity raw materials. Electrical properties for XANTAR®, XANTAR® XRM, XANTAR® C and XANTAR® LDS grades are provided in the UL yellow card file. These properties include hot wire ignition (HWI), high current arc ignition (HAI), high voltage arc tracking rate (HVTR), high voltage arc resistance (D495), and comparative tracking index (CTI).

Many XANTAR® grades are uniquely characterised further by additional RTI ratings beyond generic listings, UL746C f1-ratings for outdoor & weathering applications, and h5-ratings with up to 100% regrind levels, offering additional flexibility & security, and cost savings to our customers.

Typical ratings are:

  • HWI Class 2 (special flame retardant grades even class 0 !)
  • HAI Class 0 to 1, depending on grade
  • HVTR Class 2 to 3 for unreinforced grades, Class 0 to 1 for glass filled grades
  • D495 Class 5 to 6
  • CTI Class 2 to 3

For more detailed information on UL-listed electrical properties of XANTAR® grades, see the separate UL section.

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