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Thanks to their excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical properties, XANTAR®, XANTAR® C and XANTAR® E grades are very widely and successfully used in industry segments such as Electrical & Electronics (E&E) and Information & Communication Technology (ICT).
Our multi-product portfolio offers excellent synergetic effects, for instance with our Iupital® POM and unique metal-to-plastic replacement high temperature polyamide Reny® families. Together with our global footprint and dedicated global as well as local support and logistical chain in place, covering all of today's important markets, we are the added value engineering plastics supplier that will help you to maintain that competitive and innovative edge in the market.

Financial (ATM) & Retail

Demanding applications such as financial products (particularly ATMs) require a combination of mechanical, flame retardant and electrical properties along with easy processing. XANTAR® and XANTAR® C grades have proven to be the prime choice of materials for these applications already for two decades.
Thanks to their excellent impact resistance, colourability and paintability, UL94 V-0 and 5V ratings, as well as electrical properties, they not only meet the stringent requirements, but also help to further reduce system costs, for instance by reducing the number of parts.
Other special innovative XANTAR® grades, such as semi-conductive and low friction grades, are ideally suited for interior high-end technical components.

The specific additional requirements of Retail applications are met with both conventional and tailored XANTAR® grades, such as the high-flow XANTAR® C PC/ABS range and enhanced stress cracking resistant grades. Our unique metal-to-plastic replacement high temperature polyamide Reny® family provides a unique combination of a high stiffness construction material with the design freedom of plastics, with the unique characteristic of having a thermal expansion coefficient similar to for instance metal die-casts.

Point of Sale (POS)

Next to the dedicated XANTAR® range, our proven high-flow XANTAR® C non-FR and FR-PC/ABS ranges combine all characteristics of required flow and fast cycle times with mechanical impact requirements and stress cracking resistance.