Housings for mobile phones must have high impact strength to avoid breakage of the housing and to protect the enclosed electronics in the event of an accidental drop. At the same time, high-flow is important to enable the fast manufacturing of even today's thinnest designs and visual appearance is an important selling tool for a mobile phone.

Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics offers XANTAR® and XANTAR® C grades which have been developed specifically to meet the high technical demands of thin walled mouldings. XANTAR® and XANTAR® C provide good flow properties, impact resistance, surface quality and (for sliding parts) excellent tribological properties.

Material requirements for chargers are prescribed by industry standards which demand V-1 flammability according to UL94 and passing ball pressure test at 125°C. Furthermore, chemical resistance and processing performance are important. Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics has developed specific modified XANTAR® grades, such as XANTAR MX 1004, that fulfil all these requirements.

Our second-to-none LDS technology is successfully used in all of today's major modern phone designs, enabling the combination of the excellent characteristics of PC and PC/ABS with flexible antenna and electronic circuitry designs. With our all colour possibilities, we continue to set new standards in this segment.
Together with our multi-product portfolio excellent synergetic effects are possible, for instance with our unique metal-to-plastic replacement high temperature polyamide Reny® line-up, that make ultra-slim designs with high stiffness possible.