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We have been supplying all major producers of wiring accessories, installation & industrial controls, both in and outside Europe for many years. Our XANTAR® PC and XANTAR® C PC/ABS blends meet the specific needs of local industries:

  • halogen free flame retardant systems for 960°C GWFI, 775°C GWIT and V-0 requirements
  • thermal properties and flammability requirements meeting standards for wiring accessories
  • excellent aesthetics providing high class surface quality
  • optimal UV resistance in different light colour shades
  • electrical properties adequate for specific low voltage switch gear applications like auxiliary switches and MCCB's

Relevant grades are certified according to the standards for transportation and building industry. A full range of products is available for enclosure and cabinet applications, ranging from low viscous crystal clear towards flame retardant and glass reinforced coloured types.

The Power Distribution segment is ruled by regional and local standards and norms.
Because we understand and respond to the needs of the industry, our XANTAR® and XANTAR® C product portfolio contains innovative materials and specialties that excel in distinguishing features such as:

  • improved stress cracking resistance
  • high low temperature impact strength in combination with UL94 V-0
  • high productivity and consistency

In today's competitive markets, optimized production processes are essential. We offer a combination of global reach, extensive application knowledge and a complete range of engineering materials for installation components that helps you to achieve logistics and production rationalisation so you can provide your customers in turn with a competitive edge.