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Luminaries in industrial environments are required to be water proof (IP66/IP67) and have a high impact resistance, in addition to the standard criteria of high transparency, good UV performance and flammability properties according to IEC/EN 60598.
For fluorescent tube covers, XANTAR® fulfils these requirements. To optimize the cost of the cover, manufacturers try to design for the thinnest possible wall sections. In going beyond the conventional limits in flow whilst still meeting the impact standards, XANTAR® offers optimal part performance.

For LED-based technology, generic and specialized XANTAR® grades enable front-running technology, for instance using novel thermal conductive plastics. This is also the area, where our multi-product portfolio offers excellent synergetic effects, for instance with our NOVADURAN® PBT and dedicated light diffusive Iupilon® PC product line.

For lighting components, such as connectors or reflectors, our latest innovative XANTAR® grades, such as XANTAR RX 2125 with its unique UL94 and VDE certified all colour V-0 at 0.75mm performance, can give you just that competitive edge that you were looking for.

Whether it involves transparency, reflectivity, diffusivity or thermal conductivity, we have a complete and front-running global portfolio ready for you, along with dedicated technical & application support, to meet the latest challenges you are facing:

  • High reflective XANTAR RX 2121 and Iupilon EHR family
  • Wide range of Iupilon diffusive injection moulding and extrusion grades, with very wide range of light transmission and light distribution, in combination with desired flammability V-0 to V-2 levels
  • With Iupilon HL-series, the world's best super high flow transparent materials, enabling largest next generations LCD's and Fresnel lenses
  • World's best thin-wall chlorine- and bromine-free transparent flammability materials, with XANTAR RX 2124 and Iupilon EMT grades, even offering transparent V-0 at 1.0mm levels
  • Both electrically conductive and electrically insulated thermal conductive solutions involving both PC and PBT materials
  • Dedicated innovative front-running LDS-based solutions, enhancing the design possibilities of LED's to the latest technological frontiers whilst realizing substantial cost savings at the same time