For those demanding applications where flammability requirements and certifications are key, a tailored XANTAR® product range is in place meeting even the most stringest requirements.

Glow wire
For several applications, demonstrated GWIT and/or GWFI glow wire ratings are key. MEP has several tailored XANTAR® grades in its portfolio, that will meet these more demanding requirements, according to global or regional standards.

World class VDE & UL94 V-0 ratings
Within the flame retardant XANTAR® PC range, XANTAR RX 2125 has recently been developed by MEP to be the world's first UL94 listed V-0 at 0.75 mm bromine- and chlorine-free polycarbonate applicable in all colours with full UL94 RTI ratings.
This enables customers with a further wall thickness reduction where critical, thus helping to reduce part costs further, at the same time setting no limitations to design options. In line with MEP's sustainability focus, all materials use eco-friendly flame retardant technologies.
On top of that, performance is further fine tuned to match regional complementary requirements such as glow wire requirements: XANTAR RX 2125 is for example also certified according to VDE for all colors, even down to 0.4mm, extending its use also according to the unattended appliances norm IEC 60335-1.

UL94 5V-ratings
For even more stringent flammability requirements, such as UL94 5V-ratings, the XANTAR® PC range has several reinforced and unreinforced tailored solutions ready for you that will meet even the most stringent requirements, with demonstrated 5VB and 5VA levels down to 2mm or 3mm.
The superior combination of flammability level (V-0 & V-1, 5VB & 5VA, excellent HAI & HWI levels) and mechanical impact performance even under extreme conditions, is materialized in our XANTAR® XRM family.

Smoke density & toxicity
XANTAR® Polycarbonate also has several tailored grades displaying extremely low smoke density, low smoke toxicity and low gas toxicity, when exposed to extreme fire conditions.
For instance, GF-reinforced XANTAR® grades, such as XANTAR G4F 22 R, are best-in-class with respect to the French NFF 16-101/102, the new European CEN 45545-2 and widely adopted German DIN 5510-2 standard, that are essential for transport sectors.