General industry applications

Thanks to its versatility, XANTAR® Polycarbonate is able to offer unique solutions in the general industries market. Examples can be found in the building industry, with applications such as window spacer profiles, cable ducting systems or (twin wall) sheet for construction panels.
XANTAR® Polycarbonate's easy processing in combination with transparency, purity and intrinsic flame retardancy as well as UV stability makes it the material of choice.

XANTAR® Polycarbonate is also a good choice for applications in the food (packaging) and toy industries. Grades that meet both FDA- and EC-legislation are available in a multitude of viscosities and can be custom coloured. Where design of the part is delicate or complex, the excellent demoulding properties of XANTAR® polycarbonate facilitate secure and uninterrupted production processes.

Extruded applications

The extrusion shaping process imposes rigorous demands on processing performance. Without the right performance, a faultless production process cannot be achieved. The compounding process of XANTAR® Polycarbonate is tuned to meet all the relevant demands. Apart from the use of high purity resin to start with, XANTAR® production is characterised by spiking to ensure mid specification production runs and a batch homogenization treatment. The combination of these two processes ensures batch-to-batch consistency every time.

Colour and impurities are controlled both visually and digitally to ensure our customers's flawless production of optical quality large panel sheets. XANTAR® extrusion grades are available in transparent, translucent and opaque colours. On request, UV-resistant grades can be produced. Alternatively, a specially tailored material is available for the production of high UV-resistant cap layers, which can be used in combination with a co-extrusion line to further reduce system costs.