XANTAR™ C CP plating grade series

Decorative chrome plating remains an important tool for the automotive industry to create a high-end and luxurious look without compromising on surface durability and weight increase when using all-metal parts. Furthermore, the use of plated plastic parts allows for more differentiation which drives the need for more complex designs with emotive and functional surfaces, such as texture chrome and integration of ambient light, enhancing the individual character of every vehicle. XANTAR C CP (PC-ABS) plating grade series are specifically designed to follow these trends and help our automotive customers to easily incorporate their design in a reliable and cost competitive process.

Key benefits of the XANTAR C CP grades series:

  • Optimized for stress-free low speed injection molding, resulting in excellent adhesion of the metal layer and superior performance in climate cycle and heat shock testing.
  • Improved flow length without compromising on optimal morphology for plating.
  • Excellent surface quality.
  • High heat resistance with Vicat levels of 112°C (XANTAR C CP 200) up to 123°C (XANTAR C CP 400).
  • High whiteness, excellent light transmission and low yellow shift allows for more cost effective LED choice in ambient light applications.
  • Optimized for long term UV- and Heat performance (XANTAR C CP 200 LT).
  • Suitable for 2K molding and selective electroplating.
  • Approved by major automotive OEM's.

The European regulation on use of chemicals (REACH) evolves constantly towards the chrome plating industry and recently implemented a restriction on the use of Chrome VI. Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics is aware of the challenges that this restriction brings to the plating industry and is continuously cooperating with the market to change to a reliable completely Chrome VI free solution. The current grade portfolio is compatible with several of these solutions and are already being used in numerous applications with a Chrome III finish with excellent surface appearance, without losing the benefits as mentioned above.

In those situations, where our portfolio may not immediately meet your needs, contact our Technical Centre staff, to discuss the options beyond standard listings.