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Battery cases are usually made of plastics. In contrast to PP-based or ABS-based car batteries, high-end battery boxes are produced in PC/ABS. Their essential function is to be emergency power supply units for hospitals, trains or in military aircraft, and consequently high reliability is required in most demanding circumstances.
Important reasons for choosing FR XANTAR® C are high temperature resistance, excellent dimensional stability, good processing characteristics and a combination of excellent flame retardant performance with chemical resistance and 'WEEE' compliance.

Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics has an outstanding track record spanning over two decades, providing the market with optimized FR-PC/ABS battery grades, such as XANTAR C MC 3433, that unify all these characteristics in one unique material.
Together with the other dedicated battery materials from its multiproduct portfolio, such as the Iupilon® materials for Li-ion battery housings and Iupiace® grades for battery racks, Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics can provide you with innovative material solutions for every need in the battery segment.