A dedicated approach to colour development, including sophisticated compounding resulting in pre-colored compounds, has resulted in a family of carefully selected and tested additives, which give enhanced colour consistency during processing and during application life-time. No cadmium-containing pigments are used.

Transparant, translucent (only XANTAR®!) and opaque colours can be made according to customer specification. This specification can be visual, according to various standards such as RAL or Pantone, instrumental or both, depending on customer requirements. State-of-the-art colour lab facilities and expertise, using a variety of light sources, guarantee both highly accurate absolute colour matching to specification including metamerism effects, as well as batch-to-batch consistency.

XANTAR® grades show excellent transmission over a very wide wavelength range, which for instance also enables IR applications. 'Fantasy colours' is a feature offered with XANTAR® and XANTAR® C in which metallic flakes are incorporated into the material, giving the plastic part a 'metallic painted' appearance. Fantasy colours reduce painting costs in applications such as cellular phones, housings and desk lamps.

Polycarbonate can already intrinsically be laser marked easily, and high contrasts can be achieved with a wide operating window. For those cases however where the standard wide operating window for laser marking is no longer sufficient, several single-colour, high contrast, laser printable XANTAR®, XANTAR® C and XANTAR® E grades have been developed by our laser experts.

Full Colour custom-made XANTAR® LDS PC- and PC/ABS-based grades are available that enable selective electroless plating by means of laser direct structuring (LDS) to integrate electric circuits into moulded parts.