Blending of XANTAR® polycarbonate with ABS has a variety of effects on the properties of the blend, resulting in a new class of materials. For some properties, such as temperature resistance, the blend performance is in between those of the two parent materials. Specific advantages of these materials are due to synergetic effects, such as lower melt viscosity and higher impact resistance under unfavourable conditions (low temperatures, sharp notches, exposure to chemicals or applied stresses).

XANTAR® C incorporates specially developed high purity ABS and offers an improved property profile compared to other PC/ABS blends. Key XANTAR® C properties are:

  • Highest flow in combination with excellent toughness
  • High level of purity
  • High stability
  • Bright natural colour

The benefits are: easier filling of complex parts, lower mould deposit during injection moulding, low volatiles level and reduced fogging tendency, better long-term property retention and improved colour consistency and appearance.
XANTAR® C delivers value through broadening the design and application scope.

The XANTAR® C product line consists of standard, flame retardant and special grades.


XANTAR® C grades are based on the excellent resin qualities of XANTAR® polycarbonate and optimised ABS grades and are produced by state-of-the-art compounding technology.

XANTAR® C shows an excellent property balance where extremely high flow is combined with very high impact, heat resistance and long term performance; all features which aid in the manufacturing of thin walled parts (e.g. mobile phone housings). In comparison with other PC/ABS blends, XANTAR® C excels in processability with significantly reduced mould deposit during injection moulding, enabling longer uninterrupted processing, consistent quality and an improved, smoother part surface. Compared to the yellowish natural tint of conventional PC/ABS blends, XANTAR® C provides an intrinsically bright white natural colour.

Moreover, part appearance (gloss and surface quality) is less sensitive to process conditions and more stable during long term ageing.


XANTAR® C flame retardant (FR) grades are based on a low volatile flame retardant, that is 100% chlorine free and bromine free. Due to the low plasticizing effect of the flame retardant the Vicat softening temperatures of FR XANTAR® C grades are 10-15ºC higher compared to conventional FR PC/ABS grades. The strongly reduced volatility of the flame retardant minimises juicing, outgassing and pollution of processing equipment.
All grades pass UL94 V-0 rating at 1.5mm, and in addition exhibit 5V-ratings.
Like all XANTAR® C grades, the FR XANTAR® C grades show very high flow, are clean and brightly coloured and have improved stability.

For applications requiring high flow, XANTAR C CF 107 is recommended. If there is a need for increased heat distortion temperatures or more robust mechanical performance, XANTAR C CF 407 can be used. Both XANTAR C CF 107 and CF 407 comply with 'Blue Angel' and 'WEEE' directives.


To meet specific requirements or processing techniques a series of special tailor-made XANTAR® C grades is offered. These include: FR grades, glass fiber reinforced grades (also in combination with flame retardant), extrusion grades, and others.

Some examples are:

  • XANTAR C CE 407 / MC 3435/ MC 3437 / MC 3438 for extrusion (PVC replacement, cable trunking). These XANTAR C grades are flame retardant PC/ABS with optimised melt viscosity for extrusion, rated UL94 V-0 at 1.5mm, and for instance complying with 'Blue Angel' and DIN VDE 472, part 815. For more details, see the Additional Information in the menu to the left.
  • XANTAR C MC 3433 for high-end enclosures, such as battery boxes and advanced metering equipment. XANTAR C MC 3433 is a (chlorine- and bromine free) flame retardant PC/ABS meeting UL94 V-0 at 1.5mm with optimized environmental stress crack resistance, mechanical performance and good flowability.
  • XANTAR C CF 447 for structural parts. XANTAR C CF 447 is a 20% glass fiber reinforced and (chlorine-free and bromine free) flame retardant PC/ABS grade, ideally suited to structural parts for office equipment such as printer guiding systems. It offers high dimensional stability, stiffness and flame retardancy.
  • XANTAR C MC 3700 for high aesthetics. XANTAR C MC 3700 is a PC/ABS grade with the highest quality surface appearance and low weld-line visibility, offering clear benefits in 'eyecatching' applications.


Fire safety and environmental issues with current cable management systems have paved the way for alternative construction materials. Today, one of the most widely used chlorine-free and bromine-free flame retardant alternatives is extrudable PC/ABS Blends and PC. Benefits are:

  • Self-extinguishing according to UL94 V-0 and 5VB
  • Halogen-free according to VDE 0472 part 815
  • Low smoke density and toxicity NF F 16-101/102 (F2)
  • Compliant with EN 50085 and NF P 92-507 (M1)
  • A 'green' alternative for PVC
  • Recyclable, eco-progressive solution
  • Light weight solution vs. aluminium or steel trunking

  • Processing with high output and high quality performance
  • Low outgassing, low deposit tendency
XANTAR C for cable trunking

XANTAR® C is recommended for installation trunking and slotted trunking, desk cable management, and cable conduit and channel.
Versatile, easy to process extrudable FR PC/ABS grades are:

  • XANTAR C CE 407
  • XANTAR C MC 3435
  • XANTAR C MC 3437
  • XANTAR C MC 3438

All grades are UL94 certified and have been rated with various certificates regarding flame retardancy and toxicity.


Safety is the operative word for public transportation. The demands are not limited to aviation but are also applicable to train, metro, tram and bus transport. Flame retardant XANTAR® C now has a number of grades to match the broad scope of Europe's legislation in the public transport sector. XANTAR® C is flame retardant and it also matches demands for smoke toxicity and smoke density. This ensures that in the event of a fire, people will not die because of insufficient evacuation time so they are unable to find a safe exit or suffer from sudden asphyxiation.

Benefits of XANTAR® C extrusion grades for public transport:

    Design and Assembly

  • Low-weight solution for interior cladding
  • Design freedom: double curved surfaces possible
  • Modular assembly for quick installation and turnaround times
  • Excellent sound damping properties

  • Safety

  • Flame retardant (according to UL94 V-0 and 5VB)
  • Compliant with railway specifications for fire and toxicity (according to DIN 5510 / NF-F 16-101, etc.)
  • Bromine-free and chlorine-free (according to VDE 0472 part 815)
  • High-impact sheet, facilitating vandal-proof solutions

  • Maintenance

  • With optional PTFE top layer for anti-graffiti and easy cleaning
XANTAR C for train interior cladding