Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics's XANTAR® Polycarbonate is a versatile thermoplastic resin that is suitable for a wide range of applications and can be converted using all common melt-processing techniques. The XANTAR® product line consists of general purpose and special grades.

Although the XANTAR® portfolio covers a very wide range of applications, specific requirements (e.g. special flame retardancy regulations, extreme temperatures) or processing techniques (e.g. blow moulding, extrusion or rotational moulding) can require fine-tuning or adaptation of a grade. This has resulted in a series of special tailor-made XANTAR® grades.
For example, for very high demands related to mechanical performance at both high and extreme low temperatures, as well as excellent long-term performance, the XANTAR XRM product line offers excellent solutions.
For extrusion applications, optimised grades are available for solid sheet, twin wall sheet and UV cap layer co-extrusion. Other special extrusion grades are suitable for applications where severe flame retardancy requirements have to be met.

For other applications, for instance where temperature requirements are less stringent, PC blends such as PC/ABS or PC/PET may provide excellent alternative possibilities.

In those situations, where our extensive portfolio may not immediately meet your needs, contact our Technical Centre staff, to discuss the options beyond standard listings.


These XANTAR® grades are available in a range of melt viscosities, from extremely low to very high, and with several additive packages (basic stabilized, steam resistant, mould release, UV stabilized). A general rule for polycarbonate is that the higher the melt viscosity of a grade, the better its (longterm) performance. When selecting the best suitable XANTAR® grade, it is important to find the optimum balance between processing characteristics (ease of processing, melt flowability) and performance (mechanical integrity and long term stability).

General purpose XANTAR® grades are self-extinguishing and are rated UL94 V-2 down to 0.75mm; for some special cases even down to 0.4mm.

XANTAR® grades are also available in versions approved for food contact.

XANTAR® general purpose grades are characterised by:
  • Crystal clear transparency
  • High impact strength
  • Excellent temperature resistance
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Biological inertness


The self-extinguishing characteristics of XANTAR® can be further enhanced through the use of various flame retardant (FR) additive packages, none of which contain chlorine or bromine. There are two main XANTAR® FR grade ranges:

  • Transparent or opaque grades with a UL94 V-0 at 3mm rating (F series e.g. XANTAR F 23 R)
  • Opaque grades having a UL94 V-0 at 1.5mm rating (FC series e.g. XANTAR FC 23 R)

In addition, a number of special grades are available, for instance:

  • Special grades meeting more demanding FR requirements, for instance offering non-chlorine and non-bromine UL94 V-0 at 0.75mm for all opaque colors: XANTAR RX 2125.
  • Special grades meeting more demanding glow wire ignition (GWI) requirements, for instance according to EDF specifications.
  • Special grades with low smoke density and low smoke toxicity, for instance according to NF F16-101/102, DIN 5510-2 and EN 45545-2


The XANTAR MX 1000 series is tailored for the requirements of office equipment (e.g. computer and monitor housings) and other electric and electronics applications (chargers, junction boxes, cartridges, etc). Besides high flow, good impact, UL94 V-0 at 1.5mm flammability, and excellent colour stability, these grades also meet requirements such as the glow-wire test at 960ºC at 1.5mm and the ball pressure test at 125ºC.


The addition of glass fibers leads to increased stiffness and improved dimensional stability, while normally ductility is decreased. Glass fiber reinforcement is often combined with extra flame retardancy.
Reinforcement levels of between 10% and 40% glass fibers are offered, whereas grades with 20% reinforcement are available in various melt viscosities. If required, special high-flow versions are available as well.

XANTAR G2F 23 R (with 10% glass fibers) exhibits an exceptional ductility (elongation at break > 15%) even though it is reinforced.

XANTAR G2F 23 R (with 10% glass fibers) exhibits an exceptional ductility


The XANTAR SF 22 series is optimized for structural foam applications. Together with a blowing agent masterbatch, it offers superior impact resistance combined with a UL94 V-0/5VA rating at 4.8mm.

Structural foam grades are available with 5, 20 and 30% glass fiber reinforcement.
For convenient and reliable processing, it is highly recommended to use XANTAR MX 1051, blowing agent masterbatch (exothermic chemical blowing agent with polycarbonate carrier).


In certain circumstances, brittle failure can occur in articles made from unmodified polycarbonate. Examples are: failure due to the presence of notches and/or the combination of chemicals (e.g. gasoline) with stresses. Modified XANTAR® grades are available with improved stress crack behaviour for those 'impact danger zone' situations.

For most demanding situations, XANTAR® XRM provides best-in-class stress crack resistance performance, outperforming even most robust PC and PC/ABS grades.