For those applications where the advantages of polycarbonate need to be combined with low friction & wear characteristics, the product line XANTAR® LF has been developed.

Both unreinforced and reinforced grades are available with several set tribological levels. This line up will meet even the most demanding requirements, where e.g. traditional non-FR solutions involving POM (polyoxymethylene) will not succeed.
The intrinsic flammability of polycarbonate, along with its superior mechanical properties, combined with the low friction & wear performance provide excellent solutions for instance for low noise applications in automotive or business machines.

XANTAR® LF is currently available in unreinforced and reinforced versions, with variable tribological characteristics:
General characteristics Additional features   Grade
See respective Product Data Sheets for more details
Non-reinforced Low friction & wear   XANTAR LF 2201
  Very low friction & wear   XANTAR LF 2202
  Very low friction & wear   XANTAR LF 2203
Reinforced Low friction & wear 10% reinforced XANTAR LF 2211
  Low friction & wear 20% reinforced XANTAR LF 2212
  Low friction & wear 30% reinforced XANTAR LF 2213